Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wendy Williams Says Women Lose Out In Marriage & Should Delay Coupling Up Till Their 30s

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50 year old Wendy Williams, controversial talk show host, and former radio DJ has shared her thoughts on woman and marriage in a new interview with Forbes. The outspoken host of her own show on BET, and one of daytime’s most successful syndicated talk shows, The Wendy Williams Show, advised women to use their entire 20s to build a career and get married in their 30s.

Wendy Williams first got married in her 20s to a man she keeps private but it was short-lived before they got a divorce. In 1997 she married Kevin Hunter, who is also her manager, and they have one teenage son together. It seems that with the perspective of her own life and experience, Wendy has some thoughtful and thought-provoking words for younger women:

"My suggestion to women is always…use your entire 20s to work your behind off in your career… And then think about meeting that guy. Cause we’re the ones that lose in marriage. Not men.

"It is difficult for men to accept really successful career women. Whether it be that we out-earn them or that our name is brighter than theirs. I also feel like marriage and babies stunt a woman’s growth career-wise. Once you get married and have kids, you can’t do all the things that you used to do & maintain this important precious thing that you built as a family.”

The article notes that Williams is more likely to attend her son’s track meet and cheer him on from the sidelines than sit behind the velvet rope of a club with fellow celebs. Wendy also says her proudest accomplishment remains her family, with her husband and son as her number one priority.

What do you think of Wendy's comments?

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