Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tia Mowry Throws Online Shade At Keke Palmer Over Husband Cory Hardrict

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Tia Mowry has been throwing subtle shade at fellow actress Keke Palmer, who has been saying in interviews that she likes Tia's husband with whom she co-starred in new movie Brotherly Love. Keke Palmer and Cory Hardrict, were shown all hugged up at the movie premiere yesterday following rumours the two became quite close while filming the movie about a year ago.

Also, during press tours for the movie, Keke told interviewers that she liked Cory a lot, that he's a good friend and a great actor. Tia didn't say anything about the hugging photo but went on Twitter with a call-out tweet which she quickly deleted, "Saying you like married men in interviews in not cute... Just saying". A picture on Instagram shows off her rings with the tag, "Class goes a long way." The two women's respective fans have joined in the online beef on their social media pages. See comments below...

More comments on Keke's picture post with Cory Hardrict

catrice88 - @coryhardrict your hand should NEVER be around another woman like that. ... YOU ARE MARRIED @tiadmowry

bributta3 - @tiadmowry you better tell her and your husband to take several seats.

shortnesslcc - Oh if my husband did this...that hand would have been cut off hun bun

princess_d1ana - I did a quick scan. I don't remember seeing tia hugged up like this with any of her cast mates. Maybe on set while acting but definitely not just taking pics...this is too comfy

amb_iamm - @jarrettscottpage A little too close for comfort, don't you think?

dreamincolor__ Lol yall being messy in the comments

ms_quibaby - Keke.too comfortable with somebody else Husband, hope she don't loose her sweet girl

aladybarber216 - People quick to make ASSumptions

chelz_vs_blondie - Yall exaggerating it's a picture ..... who the fuck cares !! Keke u look amaze balls hun :-)

iamdeidre - Yall look good together

creolesense - I don't think keke bc tia was at the premiere supporting her husband. I'm sure she might have addressed it right then lowkey. Maybe it was a groupie or something that tia knows that has been going on behind closed doors with another woman.

fkniggazz - Yall are always in somebody else's business. Who to are u to tell these grown ass ppl that don't know you what they should and shouldn't do, they have a career worry about starting yours

whatsyours_ismine - Is that your new boyfriend

whosthehonorgrad - @tiieerraaa___ and this is when I would be popping everybody emojilike what!

lilharriet33 - @whatsyours_ismine um he's married to Tia Mowry

keishacharnay - @iamdeidre you sound like somebodies husband mistress

ebony_ecg - @catrice88 you know what? That was my exact same thought when I saw this picture. Idk....I think he's just too close. #Agreed

iamdeidre - Naw boo I don't play second to none but you tried though I'll give you that. Come harder

ogbasedgoddess - @trilllness it's not her fault she poses like hat with everyone tf!!!!

toyaaxoxo - There's nothing going on emoji

shay_cloud - Their just taking a picture yall read to much into stuff

rosesareredinc - Cute couple

lil.destini - She tryna steal Tia man smh thottie

lil.destini - She way to close on him

keymanizmommy2012 - Everyone on them about his arm being around her. Last I remember, nobody came at Nate Parker from Beyond the Lights when he had HIS married arm around Gugu! Idk their situation. But I don't think an arm around a waist consist as too much for a married man. His wife was there. She would've said something. As much as she's doing now. To whoever it is she's referring to. Chill out.

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