Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Recipe For Flat Akara With Beans Flour [#Pankara or #Moinmoinlette]

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Idea from #moinmoinlette @dooneyskitchen or Pankara by +9jafoodie. I've been following both food bloggers above on social media and their adventures in the kitchen keep reminding me of my homec practicals days, yes I did home economics in secondary school, up to SS3. In my school I took the elective called Food and Nutrition in which I scored A1 in WAEC! LOL...

Anyways, with getting older and trying to keep down my weight and remain healthy, I hardly eat akara though it's something I used to love. So I liked the idea of getting an Akara taste without the deep fried oil. In this recipe, the finished texture and taste was between akara and moin-moin. It had depth so I covered it with foil to get the insides cooked through. I also added onions and tomatoes but no other vegs. See all ingredients and process below...

You make this just like pancake but with beans flour or paste, thus the name #pankara.  With more vegetables like green pepper, mushrooms, it would've become more like an omolette #moinmoinlette.

- 1cup beans flour (you can also use fresh washed and blended beans paste),
- 1cup water,
- half an onion and two tomatoes,
- salt and seasoning to taste. I used one cube of maggi and a little chicken stock I had.


Whisk all ingredients together and add water till consistency is like pancake. You can add egg if you want. I didn't. Use a non-stick pan, a teaspoon of oil or a cube of butter, or cooking spray to fry till done. If deep pan, cover with foil. If flat, then cook just like pancakes. On medium heat cook each side for about 5mins or until browned to your taste.

Enjoy alone or with custard/pap/ogi

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