Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Orgasm, Abstinence & Lucifer Top Worst Baby Names Ever

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Some names you hear make you shake your head, but the ones on this list are absolutely make your jaw drop. Can you imagine that parents would give their daughter a name for the Facebook Like? Yes, there's someone out there with such a name! Recently, a thread on Reddit asked users to submit the most outrageous baby names they have ever come across, and with over 18,000 comments in just 24 hours, the list is in.

A top 10 worst baby names was compiled by Femail, is topped by Obamaniqua, a name many fans of the US president give to their African American daughters. For me, the name 'Orgasm', cannot even be beat out by parents who gave their son the devil's name. Other funny names that did not make the cut include 'Mazen', because 'it was 'amazing' when the child was born, and 'Airwrecker' - an alternative spelling to 'Erica'. What is the most unique name you have come across? See my top 10 worst baby names below...

1. Orgasm

2. Lucifer

3. Obamaniqua

4. Vejonica (Her grandparents were Veronica and John)

5. Abstincence

6. Boy Boy

7. Hellzel (Fans of Hell's Angels)

8. Britney Shakira Beyonce

9. I’munique

10. Like (Her parents love Facebook)

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