Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Orekoya Children Have Been Found, But I Have Questions For the Family & Police

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By Ireti Adebayo Oladapo

Glad the Orekoya boys are safe, healthy and alright. The whole of Nigeria stood up for them and hoax or truth, the three babies are healthy and back with their parents.

I absolve the Orekoya Mum of any fault deemed from her leaving the kids with a stranger a day after recruiting as I believe there were pressing issues she needed to attend to at work (Man Mus Wak) plus she would have given the maid specific instructions on individual care of the kids.

Also, a maid that has bad intentions, if given a day supervision or two months, she will eventually perpetuate her vile as soon as chanced.

I know though that while we cannot be careful enough, we can still be more careful and cautious.

However, the Orekoya parents do owe Nigerians an explanation. There are a few holes to the story (IMO).

Now that the kids are perceived not to be under immediate harm, I do hope they will address Nigerians who took time to pray for them, sent broadcasts and agonized for the return of the kids.

Questions such as these should be addressed.

1) Was ransom paid eventually, if yes, how much?

2) Were the police involved?

3) How was 13m cash moved (within the few days) in this cashless society.

4)There is said to be a CCTV of the maid who came into UBA for interview, can our media platforms get a hold on this footage?

5) Can we have screengrabbed images of this CCTV?

6) If the money was paid into an account, which account was it paid into and cant a lien be placed on the account to see who comes to withdraw from it. what cheques are drawn, what trfs are made?

7) If no ransom was paid, can monies donated by well meaning Nigerians be returned?

8) What are the social welfare doing about this?

Hopefully, we will get some answers to these.

I rejoice with you Adebisi Busayo Adekunle Orekoya but you do owe us an explanation.

Glad the Orekoya boys are safe, healthy and alright. The whole of Nigeria stood up for them and hoax or truth, the...
Posted by Ireti Adebayo Oladapo on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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