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Choosing The Right Evening Gown and Accessories For Your Body

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Did you just receive an invitation to a wedding or an exclusive evening party, and now you don't know what to wear? Choosing the right evening gown is not an easy task to do. You should look not just good; you should sparkle and look amazing. The dress should focus attention on your good sides and hide your minuses, if you have such. Also, you need to choose if you want a flowing long gown or classic short cocktail dress.

If you need to seem taller, then you are to choose a dress with a high waist, with light material on your knees and ends on your breast. You need to wear this gown with high-heeled shoes.

If you need to look thin, choose a fitting dress, which starts on your breast. It should be a neckline dress which should emphasize your shoulders to make your waist look thinner.

To make your hips slimmer, choose a dress with wide bottom. It should look tight on your waist and hips and became wide on the bottom. But don’t choose too wide dress, it could make you look bigger and add a few kilograms to your look. Take a neckline dress or just without shoulder straps.

To make your hands look thin, choose a gown with long sleeves. But then you need to add some detail to look sexy. It could be a dress with open back or low neck.

How to choose the color of your evening gown

The color of evening gown is an important part of choosing a dress. Girls with glamour look, beautiful green or blue eyes or for redheaded should choose pink, yellow, blue or peach colors. Girls with dark eyes and hair should wear gowns with cold colors: black, grey, blue, purple.

How to choose accessories and jewelry for your evening gown

Choosing perfect accessories which fits your gown the best is very important. But first of all, too much of accessories would make you look like Christmas tree, so don’t wear too much of them. Young girls with thin waist shouldn’t wear big and massive necklaces or earrings, better to wear thin pearl beads or chainlet.

If you decided to wear massive earrings, don’t wear any necklaces. And if you choose big necklace, put on only small earrings.

If you want to wear armlet, put it on your right hand. Don’t put different armlets on right and left hand; wear only pair of them if you want to put on both hands.

Better to wear small purse with handles, even if they are too thin. Your evening gown would look perfect with Swarovski crystals on your purse.

Choosing makeup

When you choose a makeup which would fit with your dress, make an accent on one part of your face – lips or eyes. Don’t make your face too bright. If you use bright lipstick, use dark shaded for eyes. If you make accent on your eyes, your lipstick should be not so bright. If you plan to drink and eat, do not forget to take lipstick, powder and other stuff to refresh your makeup.

Final useful advice:

-Before buying a gown, test how it looks with underwear you plan to wear;
-Test how your evening gown looks with your haircut:
-Find accessories and jewelry which fits best with your dress.
-If you need a gown for some event, try to buy it right before you go. You can become thinner or fatter so your gown won’t look perfect if you buy it few months or weeks before an event.

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