Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Amber Rose Says Black Men Not Good at Oral - Dig At Kanye West?

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Amber Rose, 31, has opened up on her thoughts on love, relationships and sex in an interview with Kandi Koated Nights show. The actress, model and fashion designer was on the show to promote her upcoming book ‘How to be a Bad B*’ as well as her ‘Slut Walk’. The former stripper and Wiz Khalifa's ex-wife and mom of one, Amber said she didn't see anything wrong with sleeping with a man on a first date and women should not be judged for it.

More controversially, Amber said that in her experience when it comes to sex, black men don't know how to give oral. Some are  wondering whether that is a dig on Kanye West, and would he push back? Amber said she sometimes makes the first move on men she's interested in by sending them flowers, and added that strippers get married because they are confident and seductive. Read excerpts from her interview below....

On sleeping with men on the first date: You give it up when you want to give it up but I don’t think you should hold it over their head. I think you should do it when it feels like it’s right.

On if she’s slept with someone on the first date: Of course, every girl in here has. Don’t act like y’all haven’t. We’ve all done it. That’s the thing as women, we need to stick together, stop calling each other hoes, thots, whores, and stuff like that. We’ve all done things we’re not necessarily proud of, or that we regret.

On Strippers being ‘wifed’: Dancers are naturally confident and that’s what men love. Men love confidence. Men love women that can move their body in that way. Also, it’s very sexy. Dancers are also very personable. When you are a dancer, you have to walk around and make your rounds, you have to talk to talk to people, you have to seduce the money out of their pockets. And it’s not in a vindictive way. They know why you’re there. You know why the guys are there. So it’s just extreme confidence that men love.

On how she lets a man know she’s interested: Usually, what I do when I meet a man, I send him flowers. It depends. Something, maybe masculine? Like white roses or something like that. Listen, I like powerful men and love to dominate them. How you want a man to caress you, you should caress them too. It’s not all about the women and I feel that’s where we mess up sometimes. Usually, men will appreciate it because it’s not often that they get something like that.

On black men and oral sex: Black men aren’t really good at giving head. From my experience, black men aren’t really that good at giving head. Y’all do too much. Yáll be too rough.

Watch her full interview here.

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