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7 Best Apps for Pregnant Women in 2015

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By Shaun Chatman

Parenthood starts before the baby is born, and now thanks to smartphones and tablets, keeping an eye on development also happens before the child ever leaves the womb. Mobile apps also give moms-to-be a way to keep dads and other family members up to date on important baby milestones. Here are seven of the best pregnancy apps of 2015, from Android platforms compatible with the Galaxy S6 edge to more.

WebMd Pregnancy

The medical website used as resource for millions of Googling patients has also entered the pregnancy arena. Designed for iOs, the WebMD Pregnancy app highlights the physical and emotional changes of expecting a child. The app mimics the credibility of its trusted WebMD website, which millions of people use to research symptoms or treatment of disease. The app has features for monitoring the baby's development, keeping up with prenatal appointments, and documenting the progress of the baby bump with the Baby Belly Slideshow.

Pregnancy Assistant

For moms that have ever wished for a personal assistant whose only job is to keep track of how their pregnancy is progressing, that assistant is now at their fingertips — as long as they keep their smartphone charged and powered by a trustworthy carrier, like T-Mobile. The Pregnancy Assistant app for Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, boasts a simple interface that tracks baby development week to week. Many moms seem to appreciate the no-frills app that gives brief descriptions and doesn't overwhelm with features. Pictures and stats go with the updates.

I'm Expecting

Get ready for a burst of cuteness on the go with the I'm Expecting app for iOs and Android. The app offers a variety of ways to track and check baby development, mom's baby weight, maternity symptoms, and more. Forums also offer a community where moms can share and compare notes about their pregnancies. Pregnancy guide videos are posted weekly, along with other preparation resources like registry recommendations. Also, if you're stumped on what to name your new baby boy or girl, check out the baby name suggestions.

My Pregnancy Center, Baby Center

If you've ever wanted a growth widget to track baby's progress, the Baby Center is the app for you. The app is available on iOs and Android and touts its easy-to-use interface, where moms can enter in their due date and let the app do the rest. A pregnancy day-by-day guide monitors baby growth and fetal development images are very detailed. In addition to the fun Bumpie Tool, a pregnant mom can also find useful resources, such as the contraction timer and kick tracker.

Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy

The Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy app monitors mama and baby before birth and three months after. The app is available for the Windows platform, and it gives a variety of information for pregnancy and post-baby. The app gives advice on medications and immunizations, lifestyle changes to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy, nutrition, prenatal care, and postpartum care. The postpartum section focuses on tips to recover from labor and getting the pre-pregnancy body back through diet and exercise.

Gerber Pregnancy Calendar

Record your baby's heartbeat on your phone. That's just one of the capabilities of the Gerber Pregnancy Calendar app, which is available for iOs. The app also lets mamas looking for late night or early morning cravings find a healthy way to satisfy the urge. Other features include how-to feeding videos, a pregnancy weight tracker, weekly articles on baby's development in utero, and an appointment calendar reminder. The apps also offers "one touch" access to Gerber experts for questions about feeding the baby and/or pregnancy.

Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

In love with the baby bump? There's an app for that. The Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro app, available for Android and iOs, is dedicated to the bump. Color-coded charts are designed to monitor the expanding waistline and the app automatically estimates mom's weight based on the pre-pregnancy body mass index or BMI. The mama can also check where she compare estimates to actual weight. Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro also sports an extensive contraction tracker with notes that can be shared and emailed.

Whether your baby is on its way, or maybe even already here, the seemingly infinite number of pregnancy and after-baby care apps are dizzying. From Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro, to WebMd Pregnancy, there's an app that will keep you and baby smiling.

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