Monday, March 2, 2015

Virgin Bride Still Cannot Have S*x With Husband After 9 Years of Marriage

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Michaela and James Reece from Australia have made headlines for their online appeal to raise treatment funds for her vaginismus, which they say has meant they've not had 'pain-free' sex for the 9 years they've been married.

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On their Go Fund me page, the couple share how they 'fell madly in love' when they first met but have since been unable to enjoy full intercourse. Michaela was first diagnosed with Vaginismus after experiencing what she described as 'excruciatingly pain' the first time she tried to have sex with her husband during their honeymoon. Read their story below...

Married 9 Years... Can't Make Love.

Hi, our names are Michaela and James.

What we are about to share with you will make you friends so you might as well call us Mickey and Jimmy :)

We are a couple that have been married 9 years and we have never had (pain-free) sex.

Jimmy made a decision at the age of 14 that he would wait for his wedding night to have sex with his wife. We met, fell madly in love and dated and waited for 21 months before we got married (the waiting was SO HARD!).

As you can imagine, we were VERY excited for our honeymoon (Jimmy was 25 and a virgin - and Mickey couldn't wait to jump him *hee hee*).

Imagine our heartbreak when sex was excruciatingly painful - to the point of impossible - and ended up in infection. This has been our reality ever since :(  

Three years and MANY specialists and mis-diagnoses would pass before we would FINALLY be given a name for this condition.


An involuntary muscle spasm which causes any penetration to be excruciatingly painful.

We'd never heard of it.

In our 9 years of marriage we have tried every therapy, specialist and treatment that we can in Australia (having also travelled to Perth and Adelaide and all over Brisbane) but to no avail. At our wits end we'd given up.

It has broken us. Brought us to tears. And eventually became a thing we just didn't talk about.

Until now.

Recently Michaela discovered a vaginismus support page on Facebook where other women with this condition have been 'fixed'. This place - our last resort - is in New York and is called the Women's Therapy Centre (see YouTube clips below).  We've been in touch with them and they think they can help.

The treatment and travel cost is going to cost about AU$25,000 but we're hoping to raise AU$15,000.

Our 10 year anniversary is coming up in December this year. It'd be lovely if THIS was the year that we could be together in 'that way' for the first time.

We have booked a 2-week block at the WTC in NY for treatment in October this year. They have a 95 % success rate... PLEASE HELP US RAISE THE FUNDS.

Thank you for your support and understanding. (We hope you can appreciate that this hasn't been an easy situation to share).

Mickey and Jimmy

Read more - GoFundMe

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