Saturday, March 21, 2015

Viral Photo - Doctor Weeps After Young Patient Dies + Naija Medic Speaks Out

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The above heart-breaking image of a doctor overcome with emotion following the death of a teenage patient has gone viral online. The raw and startling picture was posted on reddit by a paramedic who works with the unnamed doctor in California.

On a Nigerian site where this picture was posted, someone commented that doctors in the country rarely mourned their patients when they died, but a medical commenter on the site decided to speak up for the profession. I know and have discussed with a few doctors in Nigeria, and I think they do a great job in very difficult situations. Read the comment below, it will definitely touch you..

It pains me when i see people who have no inkling about something generalise based on false assumptions

You aren't a doctor and would never know...
I have being on management teams of terminally ill patients who passed on slowly and painfully under our watch...

I have managed a young boy who died and I can't explain how I felt....I walked round the hospital cause it was hard for me to accept...

I have battled in saving the life of a severely injured girl thanks to road traffic accident and we lost her due to multiple injuries
And these are to mention a few...

Doctors are prone to emotional breakdowns because of the suffering we see our patients pass you think it's easy to always certify some one dead?.. Do you know how it feels to try the lil best you can and it all looks like a wasted effort when the patient dies?all thanks to the fact that most people even present late to the hospitals. And would you blame them? Where is the money to feed let alone for health care in shabbilly equipped hospitals..

I lost my mum to cancer (it will be a year tomorrow) I couldn't even cry in the ward by her bedside because there were other patients and i was part of their managing team

I doubt if you would have faith in a doctor that cries at the bed side of all the patients in the you can see the doctor went some where else to cry...

So child before you use your fingers to type some false assumptions... Walk in the shoes of Nigerian doctors who work in less equipped environment just to make some unappreciative people have a smile on their face

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