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Twins Seperated At Birth Reconnect 25 Years Later on Facebook [Photos]

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Back in December 2012, a friend of Anaïs Bordier asked her if she'd ever featured in a Youtube video, but she hadn't. The friend said he saw someone who looked exactly like her in the KevJumba video titled 'High School Virgin', and sent a screen shot from the video to Anaïs.

Anaïs couldn't believe what she was seeing, the person in the video looked completely like her, except it couldn't be. Curious, Anaïs Googled the name of the girl in the video, Samantha Futerman, and discovered that in addition to looking identical, the two of them also had the same date of birth, were both born in Seoul, South Korea, and were both adopted.

Anaïs then reached out to Samantha via Facebook and when she responded positively, they ended up speaking for three hours via Skype.

From their discussions, talking to their foster parents, and later DNA test, they discovered they were twins, and must have been separated at birth!

Anaïs, had been raised in Paris but was then attending fashion school in London, and Samantha had grown up in New Jersey and was pursuing her acting career in L.A. They decided to meet up in London soon after and with Samantha having a background in film, she asked Anais if they could record their skype calls and the meetup when it happened. Anais agreed and the rest is history.

Their documentary Twinsters was premiered at the SXSW film festival some days ago.

Before that, the twins had already published a book called Separated at birth.

Among the things the girls have in common is using the same color nail polish without planning to, and they say their hands look almost entirely the same! Some of their Instagram photos below...

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