Monday, March 9, 2015

Prices For Apple Watch Edition Starts From $10,000 [Photos]

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Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc today unveiled the new Apple Watch which comes with a lot of features, including making phone calls, helping you check into a hotel, track exercise and calorie loss, check your heart rate, help you call a Uber taxi, and remind you of appointments. Basically, it is a smart watch/mini computer which will be able to access some of the iPhone apps.

The device will be available for order on April 10 and in stores around the world on April 24. What got Twitter talking was the costs of the various options available for the Apple Watch, especially the Edition version whose prices start from a staggering $10,000. Prices for the Sport model start at $349 while the stainless steel Watch starts at $549.

Reuters reports on the differentiating features of the various versions of the watch as follows;

The Apple Watch sport will start at $349 for the smaller, 38-mm model. The standard version of the watch will start at $549 and the high-end "Edition" watch will be priced from $10,000...

The different models reflect different materials. A $17,000 Edition in the smaller, 38-mm size, has a case made from a customized version of 18-karat rose gold, which is especially hard, along with a sapphire display. It comes with a magnetic charging case.

A $349 Sport model the same size has an aluminum case, a 'sport band' and a magnetic charging cable, and no case.

Some general features of the watch;

All the watches share digital faces that can look like traditional time pieces, show the heart beat of a friend, and display photos and interfaces for apps.

In the presentation, Cook described the watch handling many functions currently associated with the iPhone, which tethers wirelessly to the watch and connects it to the Internet.

The watch will track exercise and remind wearers of events with a tap on the wrist.

In a nod to both fashion and technology, Cook shared the stage with model Christy Turlington Burns, who used it to train for a marathon, and Apple engineers who showed off apps, including how to call an Uber car with the watch.

Mainstream reception to news of the watch;

Apple shares barely budged, however. Investors and analysts agreed that Apple would sell millions to fans but questioned whether it had a "killer app" that would engage a broader audience. Apple in September gave a sneak peek of the watch which included many features shown on Monday.

Members of the style establishment, in Paris for shows from the glittering likes of Chanel, Givenchy and Hermes mostly said they saw the watch as a gadget, not this season's must-have accessory.

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