Thursday, March 12, 2015

Parents Fear Violent 7 Year Old Adopted Son Wants To Kill Them and Others

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A couple have appeared on the Dr Phil show to beg for help about their adopted their seven-year-old son, who they say threatens their life and has an imaginary friend who tells him to harm people. The couple adopted the boy as a baby from a meth-addict, but are now convinced that his obsession with knives and blood is a sympton of something very sinister.

Kim and her ex-husband, Ryan, adopted Rylan when he was a baby and say both his biological parents had bipolar disorder. The pair are now both terrified about his aggressive behavior and fears that he would become a serial killer starting with them.

Kim, who has three other children, thought their adoption process had been smooth until she began to realize Rylan was not developing normally. Kim claims that at 18-months-old, Rylan would hold his breath until he passed out. When he turned three, he stabbed knives inside a watermelon and became more and more violent.

She says her son has an imaginary robot friend called Bleeder - and he says the character tells him to kill his entire family with knives.

'He talks about how he is going to lift them [knives] up over his head and plunge them into our chest. When Rylan was six he locked himself in the bathroom, he found his older brother's razor and he cut off the tips of his fingers because he wanted to see them bleed. In Rylan's head, Bleeder was the one who told him to cut his fingers so he could see the blood and feel the pain.

'He talks about stabbing us, about how he's going to lift them up over his head and plunge them into our chests so he that he gets the best impact. My biggest fear is that we're raising a school shooter, a mass murderer, a serial killer.' 

Kim and her ex-husband, Ryan, are both terrified that Rylan will harm someone soon. They have put him in seven different hospitals for treatment, but to no avail. The pair say they are both now terrified of their son who they both take turns caring for.

Rylan's Dad, Ryan said, along with his son's violent behavior, he is also always cursing at them.

'We have not lived a normal day in probably the last three years. When he loses all control, our last resort is a therapeutic hold. We've had to hold him for upwards of 45 minutes to an hour'.

'I don't enjoy doing that to my son, it's a necessary evil. Rylan decided one day to flood my toilet. When I pulled the toilet away from the wall, I found two shave razors, a fork, and an ink pen - he was hiding sharp objects. I do worry about Rylan killing someone.'

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