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Omawumi On Why She & Husband Waited So Long After First Pregnancy To Get Married

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Singer Omawunmi has opened up in a recent Punch interview  that she got pregnant for her now husband, Tosin Yussuf, when she did not know him well enough for a committed relationship. She said that was the main reason they had to take their time after the baby was born and not jump into marriage. She admitted that they wanted to be sure it was love, and they were not just getting married because they have a child together.

The Wonder Woman singer got married to Tosin Yussuf a few weeks ago and is expecting her 2nd child any moment from now  Their first child is now four years old. Read an excerpt from the interview below;

On why it took so long before the couple got married;

We wanted to make sure that we were getting married for the right reasons. That is the best way I can explain it. We were in love before we had a child together and we were still seeing each other after I gave birth to my first child. We wanted to be sure that we were truly in love because we really did not have time to get to know each other before I got pregnant.

When I got pregnant, he did the manly thing by standing by me and supporting me. We did not want to get married until we were very sure that it was what we wanted. I would have felt bad if we got married because we have a child together and end up hating each other eventually. We had to be sure it would work out and I am very happy that it worked out.

On how the marriage has been so far;

It has been wonderfully sweet. I don’t know how people expect it to be but I feel like I have been married for more than two years. We just did the ceremony so that people would not raise eyebrow at my second baby. I have technically been in a relationship that seemed like marriage for more than two years. I am blessed with a good and wise man. He is very caring and sensible. He is somebody that can behave like a baby today and a wise man tomorrow. He is a total package. He is very content and easy going. He does not say much.

My craziness knows its boundaries. It knows where to start and where to end. He loves me the way I am and knows how to manage me very well. I am very homely, I am funny, I am the life of the party most times and whenever I am not around, everybody would be gloomy. I think the question should be how can he do without me and not how does he cope with me.

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