Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Middle School Teacher Caught on Tape Threatening to Show Pupils His Long D-ck

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A middle school teacher was only put on a paid administrative leave after he was caught on tape angrily ranting at a class of 12 and 13 year olds using several swear and cuss words. Bizarrely also, he referenced the size of his p*nis and threatened to show it to the children.

A 12-year-old student recorded the seven-minute tirade and played it back to her mother. The outraged mom shared it with the press after she claimed the principal of the affected school refused to do anything about the incident. She had to make the tape public and go to the school district before the man was even suspended.

Those who have listened to the tape say the teacher can be heard clearly in the recording, and his cuss-word filled rant went from bad to worse as he began talking about his p*nis.

“If you don’t give a f--k, then I don’t give a f--k,”

“Some people’s d--k, they only go that far. My d--k goes all the way to that fence.”

“I’m gonna show you what a d--k is. I’m gonna d--k your a-- over.”

School officials have condemned the teacher’s language. Dallas Independent School District spokesman André Riley told the Daily News;

“We’ve listened to the tape, and we’re horrified by it. We’re going to take steps to make sure our students are not exposed to that ever again.” 

The teacher was placed on paid administrative leave while the district personnel office reviews the situation, Riley said.

The name of the teacher has so far not been released.

The mother of the student who recorded the rant claims the principal of Holmes Middle School where the incident happened only told her to delete it, when she reported it to him. Though happy the case has been taken up, she is not satisfied with the paid suspension the teacher got. Identified only as Diana, the mom says she wants the teacher fired, and he should not be able to teach anywhere else.

Do you think the mother is over reacting?

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