Saturday, March 14, 2015

Michelle Obama Shows Off Dance Moves On Ellen's Show For #GimmeFive

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First Lady Michelle Obama was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday and showed off her dance moves in a choreographed routine to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”. The first lady and host Ellen were joined on the dance floor by mentors Twitch and Travis, as well as the So You Think You Can Dance crew.

Before the dance, Michelle informed the show’s audience she had challenged Ellen to try out the routine as a competition. In the ensuing teases and jokes, DeGeneres explained she was “more street” when it comes to dancing, but nonetheless agreed to a dance off. She reminded Michelle that she, Ellen had won their push-up competition when the first lady was on the show last year, LOL... Watch video below..

Michelle Obama said the dance routine was to promote more healthy living and was part of a social media challenge called #GimmeFive. Michelle said the cause includes dancing, and other fitness measures including regulated lunches as a way to live healthy. She listed support from stars such as Beyoncé, Nick Jonas, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Seacrest who have shared their exercise videos on social media as part of the campaign.

“We’re calling it GimmeFive and we’re using the hashtag #GimmeFive on social media. We’re asking folks all across the country to give me five ways they’re leading a healthy life. We’ve got a lot of celebrities involved.”

“We’re gonna take over the Easter Egg Roll this year with a #GimmeFive dance, and actually the So You Think You Can Dance all stars are coming to the Easter Egg Roll to teach the whole South Lawn this dance.”

Wow, Easter is just around the corner! Wishing the first lady all the best and I have to say I'm inspired to keep up with my fitness routine :)

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