Monday, March 9, 2015

Man Proposes To Girlfriend Everyday for a Year, But She Only Finds Out On Her Birthday

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Dean Smith's video of how he proposed to his girlfriend Jennifer Kessel on her birthday, and which showed how he's been asking her to marry him for 365 days since her previous birthday has gone viral. The girlfriend, now fiancee, got the birthday surprise of a lifetime when she found out that, not only was her boyfriend proposing to her on birthday, he had actually been secretly popping the question every single day for the last year.

The full reveal happened during a large family trip to Aruba, where Jennifer was instructed via a whiteboard held by her sister Jaclyn to go down to the lobby. There her brother and then a friend helped lead Jennifer to the beach, where her father and stepmother were waiting to hand her a device where she could watch the film. Watch full video below..

As the video starts, her fiance says;

'By now you've probably realized that your birthday surprise is in the form of this video. What you don't know is that I've been planning this birthday surprise for over a year now. I just wanted to make this video to tell you that today is the day that I decided I want to spend the rest of my life with you.' 

He says the last part as the video cuts to Jennifer's birthday the previous year. The video then shows 365 proposals for each day of the day since then. After watching, the girlfriend, who was teary eyed
by then, acccepted the proposal.

Talk about a man who knows his mind and sticking to it for a year, that shows dedication! Congrats to them and all the best!

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