Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Man Candy of The Week Alex Ekubo Is More Than a Fine Face

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Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo is undoubtably a handsome and well built gentleman, as well as a hard worker in his chosen career. Today however, RML is spotlighting him for his many thoughtful posts on his social media. For the picture above, he captioned it;

I'm Really very Confident when it comes to my work. When i take on a project, i believe in it 100%. I Really put my Blood, Tears & Sweat into it, i give it my all, Thats just how i'm Built

See more of his pictures and quotes below...

Have you seen my Childhood? I Miss growing up,i miss the Good Old days & the things that made it the "Good Old days". Simple things like the peace in my country. i'm from Abia born in Port Harcourt,bred in Lagos, schooled in Katsina,lived in Kano,Attended University in Calabar,i travelled the length & breadth of Nigeria without the fear of a Bomb Explosion or being Kidnapped, now i can't even go &drink sweet natural palm wine & eat ugba in my village for fear of my Safety, i'm typing this with tears in my eyes wondering why my brothers who haven't met me yet to know what a fun guy i am, want me Dead simply because i'm from a different ethnic group & because i worship the same God but under a different building. Growing up i watched on CNN the war in other countries & asked my dad "Daddy why are they killing each other" even as a boy, It didn't make sense to me, not knowing thats years later a little white boy in America would watch my brothers & i display on tv & ask his dad the same question. To which his dad would dismiss with the wave of a hand or a shrug & continue pouring milk in his cereal, unperturbed, not knowing that btw when the question was asked & the last drop of milk hit the cereal bowl, i have lost a number of unmet family members in yet another senseless Bomb Explosion. Surely my "Father" the Great Nnamdi Azikwe & my Uncle Tafawa Balewa & Uncle Awolowo are rolling in their graves right now! For this is NOT the Nigeria they fought for. Every time we kill a Nigerian Child, we kill a future Inventor, World Leader & Movie/Music Star. Let us take a moment & remember the simple things that made us happy in the "Good old days" & restore our glory as the Pride & Giant of Africa. Any Man/Woman that gives me a gun this coming Election to go & kill my Brothers if he will not join me in arm or point to me his blood children in the battle front, then i will take the gun & shoot his left leg so he can crawl back to his fellow Elders & tell them My Brother & I have had Enough, we are Wiser!! When our past is looking brighter than our Future, i look up with tears in my eyes & ask HAVE YOU SEEN MY CHILDHOOD? #EnoughIsEnough #BringBackMyChildhood #VoteNotFight !!

Any Man who is not willing to take Fashion Risks, is NOT worthy to be called a Fashion Icon !!!

My Open Letter : To Whom it may Concern !!! - This is your Life !!! Do what makes you happy & do it Often, if you don't like something, CHANGE it, if you don't like your job, QUIT, if you don't like someone, MOVE on, Life is about the people you meet & the memories you create with them, so go out & start Creating fun memories. Travel as often as you possibly can, waking up in new places will help you find yourself, some opportunities only come once, seize them! Stop Over Analyzing, Life is simple, Life is short, One minute you're here next minute you're Not ! Live your Dreams Share your Passion, & don't worry about the things you cannot change, they are still going to happen anyway, so enjoy the good moments & as for the Bad moments just remember what the Bible says " This too Shall Pass" . Always be a positive person, Always look at the light, except the light is too bright, then look away, thats me coming through... Most importantly NEVER look down on anyone, ONLY GOD sits that High.. (Uwa na tu'ari a tu'ari) - Life Is turn by turn... If it doesn't happen to you today, it will happen tomorrow, never loose faith, In the Immortal words of Martin Luther King Jnr "WHO FIRST BUY MOTOR, NA HIM BUY OLD MODEL" ... 2014 has been good to me, 2015 take note !!! #AlexxEkuboPepTalk

There is enough in the World for everyone's Need, but NOT for everyone's greed... #MyMessageOfPeace #BeKindToOneAnother #VoteNotFight !!!

The Difference between you & I, is that I'm built for This!! I've dealt with my demons. I've been Broke, Paid, Lied to, Taken Advantage of, Cheated On, Hungry & Full. My Name has been dragged through the mud more than once & every time i pick it up and wash it Off !! I've come a Long way & still have a Long way to go. Want you to know that your opinion don't Offend Me... #StillSMILING #StillSTANDING #StilliRISE

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