Thursday, March 26, 2015

10 Very Important Safety Tips For The Upcoming Nigerian Elections

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I saw this on Facebook, and knowing how various Nigerian media outlets have been hinting at insecurity around the forthcoming elections, I decided to share it here. Please my people in Nigeria, try to vote, but stay safe. These tips will help those who are not sure what to do. Take care.

1.  Food
Stock up on food and water (at least 1 week’s supply) in case Markets and stores aren’t open or you can’t go out. Prioritise non-perishable food like those stored in cans over fresh food that takes time to cook and requires freezing (in case the power in your area is cut off). Don’t forget about cooking Gas! Or Kerosene.

2. Fuel
Stock up on enough fuel for your generator in case there’s no electricity. Also make sure there’s a full-tank of fuel in all of your vehicles. *Note* Do not over stock fuel o!!

3. Cash
Make sure you withdraw enough cash to keep in-hand in case there’s no working ATM near you so you have 1 less reason to go outside your house.

4. Equipments & Necessities.
Ensure you stock up on equipment such as flashlights, batteries, candles, medical supplies (e.g.
First Aid Boxes), recharge cards (or add sufficient credit to your phone), etc.

5. Rallies
Stay away from Political Rallies, Gatherings and Protests as much as possible. If you must attend then be vigilant. Wait till you get to safety before updating your Social Media.

6. Home
In the case of civil unrest, keep yourself and your family indoors at all times and keep your homes locked down. Ensure that all windows and doors are

7. Vehicles
Park your vehicles in secure areas, preferably within the walls of your compound and well away from the main roads.

8. Contacts
Remember your State Emergency Numbers (e.g. 767 or 112 for Lagos) and the numbers for the Medical Emergency Services and Fire Services. Notify them in the event of any emergency (Note: Please do not post tweets and ask that others RT till it gets to the authorities, in the time it takes a tweet to circulate a life could be lost or assets damaged).

9. Family
Make sure all your family members (especially those living with you) know the numbers to call in case of any emergency. Discuss with them about what to do in case of an emergency or in case you get separated for any reason.

10. Movement
Know at least 2 routes to your office and back to your home. You can confirm the safety of routes via updates and reports on our web platform and twitter handle @TrafficChiefNG before departing (check the “Useful Resources” section at the end of the article).

In addition to these tips, remember that on election day there is NO MOVEMENT allowed.

Please share with your family and friends to ensure they all stay safe during this period.

God bless Nigeria.

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