Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Woman Kills Herself Because She Was Childless and Unmarried at Almost 30

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Rachel Gow, 29, a hospital administrator from Lancashire, has been ruled to have killed herself, after she was found dead by poisoning last November. It was found at the inquest that she was worried her boyfriend Anton Tsvarev, 30 would leave her, and suffered a number of insecurities about the relationship.

Rachel was said to have struggled to overcome the death of her mother, and desperately wanted a family of her own. Her greatest wish was to 'settle down and get married' and she recently became very troubled that she was approaching 30 unmarried and childless.

According to Dailymail, she revealed to family members as her 30th birthday approached, that she felt she was 'not where she should be in life' and that other members of her family were 'doing better than her.'

The day she died, Miss Gow sent him a text message wishing him 'all the best for the future' before poisoning herself. Mr Tsvarev who had been visiting a friend later found Miss Gow but she died despite attempts by him to revive her.

The day before Rachel was found last November 1, the couple went to her father's house to look after his dog while he was away. But in the morning, the couple had an argument over a text message Miss Gow had found on Mr Tsvarev's phone from someone else. He said:

'In the morning we both got up. I had my phone on charge in the bed room. She looked at it. She came into the living room very upset telling me to leave. She had found texts on my phone from someone. They were not out of the ordinary. She didn't see it that way.'

Later that the day couple drove home to their house in Haslingden and Anton went out to visit a friend in Preston. He said:

'She was still upset when we arrived home. She was very agitated. This was not a new thing. 'I got a text from her wishing me the best for the future. It was common place after an argument so I didn't think anything of it.'

However Mr Tsvarev 'had a really bad feeling' so he decided to go back to Haslingden to see if everything was alright. He said:

'I went into the lounge. The lights were off but the fire was on. I could see her lying on the floor.'

This is the second suicide in as many days with the person talking their lives based on relationship insecurities. While nothing I say can bring them back, I wish we wouldn't put such pressures on ourselves. May her soul find rest.

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