Saturday, February 28, 2015

Woman Destroys Range Rover In Cheating Revenge

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The photo of a totalled Range Rover as seen above has been circulating on social media, and women are sharing it as a warning to cheating men out there. Different women do different things to get back at their partners in revenge for their cheating. Remember how Seth Rollins & Zahra Schreiber's nude photos were leaked by his fiancee? Or the woman that left her husband and her twin sister naked in a parking lot after she caught them cheating?

In this latest viral photo, the white luxury brand car is seen with the windows smashed and the word CHEATER spray painted on the side. The gas tank is also shown open suggesting that a contaminant has been poured into the fuel. Would you do this your cheating man, and why? All I can say is... SMH...

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