Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nigerian Woman Bails Boyfriend Locked Up For Stealing Her Money With ATM Card

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Some women can be totally gormless when it comes to love, bearing out the saying that love is blind. I remember watching Love, Regardless on Iroko and the main character was calling out her friend for giving a cheating boyfriend a hard time, knowing she would still take him back. As it turned out, this was not the first time the man was cheating, and indeed the girlfriend took him back.

In this case, a lady discovers that her boyfriend has been using her ATM card without her knowledge. Stupid thief that he was, he even went with her to the bank to lay the complaint. Luckily, the bank had CCTV footage of users of the ATM machine and the times of the withdrawals from her card corresponded with the man using a card at the ATM. The bank arrested him for fraudulent use of the card, but you can guess what happened.

A certain Twitter user, Latokeh Akins earlier today narrated what he claimed he witnessed play out in a banking hall...see tweets below:

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