Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mom Arrested After She Beat Daughter for Failing In School & Made Her Wear Embarrassing T-Shirt

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A Florida-based mom, 30-year-old Melany Joyce Alexander, has been arrested for child abuse after she beat her middle school daughter for getting all Fs in her classes. The mom beat her daughter with a metal-studded belt, and also made her wear an embarrassing t-shirt announcing her failure.

Above is a photo of the front of the t-shirt she forced her child to wear to school. Check out the back, and a photo of the woman below...

Alexander is accused of trying to shame her child into getting better grades by sending her to school with t-shirt daubed with a message about her failing school work. She has also left impressions on her arms, neck, chest, back and legs as the child was beaten with a 'leather belt with holes with metal divots’. This is her mugshot below...

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