Monday, February 9, 2015

Man Uses Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper In Butt During Girlfriend Prank

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Sometimes, a prank crosses the line from being funny practical joke to being scary enough to give you heart attack, and then there are pranks that take it a little bit too far and may literally land you in the ER. I think this particular prank is one of the latter. That is, if it really happened!

So there's supposedly an ongoing prank war between the girl and her boyfriend, and thinking that the guy had the upper hand, the GF decided to get revenge. How? By putting pepper spray all over her their roll of toilet paper knowing the guy would use it once he got back from work.

That is exactly what happened. While the unfortunate boyfriend went to use the bathroom, she set up cameras to film his reaction. As you can imagine, pepper in your crack will be very painful, and the poor man is rolling all over the floor soon after he comes out. Then she gives him ice to cool it, only, she has also put ice on that!

While she's gleefully laughing about payback and winning a prank war, the BF crawled into the shower for real  water to get some relief. She continues filming until he chases her out. If it's me, that's the end of the relationship!

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