Thursday, February 26, 2015

#Llamas on the Loose In Phoenix Starts Twitter Hilarity

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Two llamas on the loose in Arizona has got Twitter users all excited as the two animals, a bigger white Llama and a smaller black Llama led police on a frisky chase through the suburbs of Phoenix. The domestic animals became a trending topic as they raced through lawns, golf courses and across roadways before finally being lassoed.

Fuelling the frenzy was the fact that the chase was caught on camera, showing the animals thwarting numerous attempts by deputies to round them up. Till now, it has not been discovered where the animals escaped from or where they were going as they danced and sidestepped bystanders, golf carts and lasso bearing cowboys.

The black llama was caught first leading to race related ribbing but a few minutes later, the white llama was also captured.

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