Saturday, February 28, 2015

Woman Accused of Killing Nigerian Girl With Butt Injections Says Amber Rose Was A Client

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Last year, Nigerian-British Joy Williams, 23, died after travelling to Bangkok to have cheap butt implant surgery, read here. She was the second Nigerian girl to die in the search for buttock enhancement. In 2011, another British Nigerian girl, 20 years old Claudia Aderotimi, a rising hip-hop star and dancer, flew to the US to have her buttock enhanced in an illegal cosmetic procedure. She unfortunately suffered chest pains after the injections and died in hospital.

Now, after years on the run, her killer has been captured and is on trial for the death. Padge-Victoria Windslowe, a transgender woman who calls herself the 'Black Madam' and the 'Michelangelo Of Buttocks Injections' had on her first day of trial boasted of doing the same procedures on celebrities, but said privacy rules stopped her naming names.

Yesterday however, in her second day testifying in her defense, Windslowe put aside her coyness and started dropping the names.

Windslowe testified that Amber Rose came for silicone injections, and left "a walking billboard" for the quality of her work. Windslowe said Rose told her friends and soon a stream of celebrities or their significant others were setting up appointments.

The woman swore under oath that Amber started receiving injections from her before she became famous and continued until two days before the 2011 death of  Claudia.

Under cross-examination, Padge-Victoria said that Kanye West dropped off Amber at her clinic for one procedure when they were dating.

She also said that one of rapper Chris Brown's girlfriends got injections, and that Nicki Minaj was supposed to come to her but never made it.

Padge Victoria Windslowe is accused of killing Claudia Aderotimi in an illegal procedure at an airport hotel that involved industrial-grade silicone and Krazy Glue. Windslowe allegedly fled after Aderotimi started having trouble breathing during the "touch-up" to celebrate her birthday, and then died later that day.

Windslowe is facing third-degree murder and manslaughter for that death, and aggravated assault charges involving another of her clients who had to spend time in hospital after her treatment. Irrespective the fake medical practioner had boasted;

"Everyone was calling me 'the Michelangelo of buttocks injections. God blessed my hands with everything I touch. I make lots of money, in lots of ways."

According to a report by HuffPo, her lawyer David Rudenstein defended his client saying she had also used the same injections she used on her customers, and would not have injected herself over the years if she didn't consider it safe.

Prosecutors said she collected $1,000 to $2,000 per session and told clients she was a nurse practitioner for a plastic surgeon. Some of them now battle frequent pain, Assistant District Attorney Carlos Vega said, after being injected with the same type of silicone is used to make cars and military tanks.

Windslowe rejected a plea offer of 15 to 30 years in prison in exchange for a third-degree murder plea. She faces 20 to 40 years on that charge if convicted at trial and more time for the other charges, including practicing medicine without a license. Instead, she plans to tell her side of the story to jurors.

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