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Gabrielle Unions Says She Told Dwayne Wade To Check Out Amber Rose Photos

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NBA player Dwyane Wade started following Amber Rose on instagram after she posted her last viral sexy pics, and it led to a lot of outcry as many felt he was thirsting after her and called wife Gabrielle Union's attention. I read about the uproar and felt it was just too contrived and childish. I know I showed Atala Amber's booty twerking video, and the bikini ones here, really what's the big deal?

Now, the actress who got married to the baller last summer seems to agree with me. She says she can't believe it made blog/TV news, revealing that she actually introduced him to Amber's Instagram. Below is what she said during an interview on Angie Martinez..

On what she thought about it all;

D follows Amber Rose and it’s a discussion on ‘The Real’? For 20 minutes? Who do you think told him about Amber Rose?! I just Insta-stalk her. I don’t actually follow her only because of the backlash that you get. Anytime I like one of Blac Chyna’s photos, I get attacked because they feel like I shouldn’t like a woman like Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever want to meet.

I just didn’t want to deal with the backlash [of following Amber Rose], but I was like, ‘Babe, you gotta look…’ Because you know, I don’t always follow her but I Insta-stalk her. Everybody Insta-stalks each other. I was more offended that they didn’t then look into the men that I follow.

If you’re pretty, I’m following you. I don’t know them. We’re not DM-ing each other. I’m not meeting him at the 7/11 for a diddle. Everything isn’t news. Especially people who don’t know me or us and didn’t stop to think, ‘Gab’s cool.’ I’m not an insecure nutcase. ‘Maybe she told him about Amber Rose and then he followed.’ Because we know, I know Wiz, I know these people.

On D Wade Unfollowing Amber

[Dwyane unfollowed Amber] because of the backlash. I don’t care. I wanted to have someone to talk about. Did you see her azz? It was amazing. I thought it was delicious. I couldn’t wait till the next pit stop on her tour. And then when Wiz responded, I was all in! I’m all in… her and Blac Chyna touring the world, I think it’s genius. But then I was like ‘Wait, how come I’m not hearing about every single person I follow?’ They don’t assume that he’s this some poor athlete victim and his wife is following people.

On why she wanted to sign a prenup:

I was divorced and I came up off of a lot of money, and he wasn’t with me shooting in the gym. My first marriage was to an athlete and just to say he was an athlete, doesn’t mean to say he makes more than me. In a no-fault divorce state, whoever has more, [pays out]. And it’s not factoring in, are you an able-bodied adult person who is capable of working? It’s just half.

That being said, I’ve been there and I’d never want someone to think I’d ever want to be with someone just for a payout. So when both of us go into it saying, ‘I don’t want you for that, I’m not interested in that, I have my own,’ and everyone is comfortable. But I think it’s the idea that women are always fighting to not sign a prenup, but I was the opposite.

Only because I came up out of the money, and the way it made me feel…like the love was conditional in my first marriage. Conditioned on what are you giving me? That’s a terrible feeling to have and I would never wish that on anyone else, so let’s take that off of the table. I’m here for you. God forbid it doesn’t work out, I’m cool. I’m an able-bodied person. The whole idea that able-bodied people living off of other adults, it’s infuriating to me. We talk about it on Mary Jane.

On what she learned from her first marriage:

[I’ve learned to be a better] wife, friend, partner, but a lot goes into who you choose. We’ve always been best friends, no matter where we are romantically, that’s my best friend, it doesn’t matter. Just having that kind of foundation, our marriage so much stronger because we have that friendship. That’s why I’ll take that fine if you talk crap about him.

It’s called equity in your home, equity in your feelings. Follow Amber Rose, I don’t care. I think it’s great, but I’m just too chicken to actually follow because I don’t want to deal with people’s mouth, and he didn’t want to deal with people’s mouth, and he unfollowed her. I’m like, ‘Now it’s gonna look like I said don’t follow her ’cause I’m crazy!’ But I don’t care. I’m like, ‘Now you gotta ride it out! Don’t you unfollow her because I’m gonna look crazy if you unfollow and they’re gonna think it’s me.’ But he [unfollowed] because he didn’t want to deal with people thinking he was lecherous.

Again, I was so offended that no one was like ‘She’s following Matt Kemp and he’s topless all the time.’ I’ve never met Matt Kemp. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the same room as Matt Kemp, but he’s pretty [so] why can’t I follow Matt Kemp? I don’t think it says anything about my love for my husband. But Matt Kemp’s pretty. Jesus, let the man be pretty. I’m gonna look at it. Matt Kemp, you take your shirt off [and] I’m clickin’! Do I ever like? I [comment] ‘Way to go!’ I’m gonna comment!
There is nothing like Dwyane getting out of the shower. That is amazing. It’s awesome. But if there’s footage of other people getting out of the shower, I’m looking and I’m commenting.

Everyone assumes that if a man follows video, Instagram models or whatever, [they’re like], ‘The poor girl. He’s looking at other people who are different than her. It’s gotta be just heartbreaking.’ Well, Matt Kemp looks nothing like D, but magically he still getting up to go to work every day, and we’re still married. But there’s the assumption that he’s not heartbroken, and obsessing in the mirror [and] pinching his fat, or [asking himself], ‘Why am I so dark?’ Like, who cares? Come on!

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