Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seth Rollins & Zahra Schreiber's Nude Photos Leaked By Fiancee In Cheating Revenge?

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Yesterday, followers of WWE wrestler Seth Rollins on social media, and fans of his fiancee Leighla Schultz, were treated with several naked pictures, first with those of model Zahra Schreiber, and then those of Seth Rollins himself. There were accusations and counter-accusations that their accounts had been hacked.

Now, the wrestler has apologised to his family and friends saying the private, naked images of the young, female newcomer to WWE were leaked via three of his social media accounts without his consent.

Photos of Zahra Schreiber, a model and wrestler for a development arm of WWE, were uploaded to Rollins’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts simultaneously. The pictures also appeared on the official WWE website as a result of its automatic stream of wrestler’s social media post.

Though they were quickly deleted, many fans had grabbed screen shots, see here. Later that same day, Rollin's apology was posted on Twitter;

He did not say for a fact that his account was hacked, or if the photo was posted on his accounts without his consent, by who. And people are asking, if he was not hacked, how did he get the photos in the first place?

Rollins’ fiancée Leighla Schultz, may have the answers to those questions as she seems to have answered plainly above that she was not hacked and had deliberately posted the nude images of Rollins via her Twitter.

More posts on Facebook seem to reveal a revenge ploy against his cheating. Maybe she found out Rollins was cheating with Zahra and wanted to disgrace them both? Like someone said in the Deadspin comments, "Seems to me she has his phone and she caught him up to no good . Posted the picture on his account, and is now posting some of his tweets on fb." Her posts...

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