Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Myne - He Gets Horribly Annoyed That I don't Send My Nude Pictures

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Someone buzzed me on Facebook and this conversation ensued. After I gave my advice, I got to thinking, maybe I got it wrong. Am I too old school? Should exchanged naked pictures become a real and necessary part of building relationships? Please share your thoughts...


  1. We women, we self-destruct. A man (whom you're yet to even begin a relationship with) asks you to send him your naked pictures and then gets indignant and offended when you don't, and still you're praying about it? Tsk tsk.

    1. Babes!! I wonder the gods these sort of people pray to and gives them the 'peace' of mind. The girl has deeper issues than the guy stupidity..she needs to learn to have more self-respect. However, I do not really blame her. The society has failed women, as being able to hitch a man is the new- or all-time measure of a woman. God help us!

  2. Like seriously! The fact that she has doubts is even enough. Why bother with such a person? Don't get desperate and lose your reasoning.


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