Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crowds Gather To See Adulterous Couple Stuck To Each Other After Sex [Photos]

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There was drama in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, as a man and his adulterous lover became glued to each other after having sex in the woman's home last Thursday. According to the report the man and the married woman screamed for help, after all their efforts to separate from each other came to nought.

Finally, their cries got the attention of their neighbours who joined in the efforts to no avail. Soon word spread and many people in the neighbourhood gathered to see the unique sight. Witnesses suggested the woman's husband, a Zimbabwean, may have put a muthi charm on her similar to the Nigerian Magun!

The traditionally prepared juju causes a married woman having sex with a man not her husband to develop involuntary Vaginusmus after the sex act. Police had to be called as well as an ambulance to finally take the couple away. Read an excerpt from the Daily Sun's report below..

The rumour quickly spread that a cheating man had died after he got stuck in his lover’s punani. And a crowd of about 2,000 people gathered at Dena Court in Yeoville, Joburg.

The police had to be called. People were allegedly pepper sprayed and the amaBerethe chased people away with sjamboks. Many people claimed the police fired rubber bullets.

Priscilla Ndlovu (34) who claims to be a resident at the same flats told Daily Sun they heard screams from the room where the woman stays on Thursday night.

“At first we thought it was just the screams of sexual pleasure, but it turned to be screams for help,” said Priscilla.

She said they called the security who forced the door open and saw the naked man on top of the naked woman pleading for help to be separated, but nobody could force them apart.”

She said everyone was shocked and afraid of what they saw.

“We always hear of such things happening but we have never seen it,” she said.

A family member of the husband of the cheating wife said the husband had been complaining about his cheating wife.

“He complained she was going out with his friend,” said the woman.

“I think he locked his wife to catch the man she’s cheating with.”

She said in Zimbabwe, where they come from, it is a common way of catching cheating men and women.

“No one will separate them until the husband comes back from Zimbabwe to unlock them,” she said.

A Zimbabwean who spoke to Daily Sun said locking a woman with muthi was a common way of catching and punishing cheating lovers in their country.
By Friday morning, when the crowd saw the ambulance at the flats they chanted: “We want to see them! Show us the cheaters!”

Cops were kept busy keeping the crowd at bay.

Three streets were blocked off, causing major traffic jams and motorists had to use alternative routes.

The ambulance finally raced off at high speed.

It is not known if the couple were inside. Neither the police nor the paramedics could confirm if the two were taken to hospital or not

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