Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chris Brown Admits Not Using Condoms While Double Dating Rihanna & Karrueche

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After reading that Chris Brown may have been banned from Canada because of an interview he gave on his relationship with Rihanna, I was intruiged and went looking for it. Chris Brown had responded when asked about Rihanna’s relationship status by saying, “...cocky or not... there's nowhere else to go. Who else is she gonna go to?”

It's funny the platform is the same Power 1051 FMs Breakfast club radio from which the Amber Rose/ Khloe Kardashian/ Kanye West feud started from. I wonder if those people give the stars some kind of truth serum in their water that leads to verbal diarhoea?

When the presenters chipped in Leonardo Di Caprio’s name, Chris retorted “That’s nice. That’s a good choice, but who else is in this game? Some corny singing rapper? [referring to Drake]”. He was saying this to suggest he's the best, and there’s no other person in the industry Rihanna could end up with.

He does acknowledge that Rihanna has gone on to become bigger than him, but then he also admitted that he wasn’t using condoms when he was double dating Karrueche and Rihanna at the same time a few years ago.

He also talks about having threesomes with Karrueche and how she got jealous. He already referred to this in the messy social media breakup the couple had a few months ago.

When asked, Chris Brown says he wants two kids. Plus he wanted to get Karrueche and Rihanna knocked-up at the same time. How can he say that, does it mean he still has eyes for Rihanna? Watch below...

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