Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Catfishing Lands Woman In Hospital After Online Boyfriend Spends $7000 To Visit Her

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You're a catfish when your online profile picture is different from who you really are or what you look like. Usually things don't work out well for catfishes, and it gets worse when you use those fake or enhanced profile pictures for online dating.

32-year old Xianojin Tuan learnt this the hard way after she landed in hospital with a broken arm and loads of aches, pains and bruises, as well as maybe a beating to her heart and self esteem. You see, she had just met face to face with online boo Huang Mao who was expecting to see someone completely different.

The two had met on wechat, a social media chat site, and became intimate soon after. Huang fell in love with Tuan’s beautiful profile pictures and decided to go see her after emails, texts and phonecalls were no longer enough. He spent a whopping $7000 on flight to her hometown of Suzhou in east China for their first date.

Alas! When he got to Suzhou, he discovered that Miss Fine face was completely different in person.

He was too angry that he plunged a blow in her face and started to beat her up mercilessly. When asked what led to the incident, he said,

“I knew exactly what she looked like as the image of her face was engrained in my memory. So when this woman came and sat down next to me I was completely shocked.  This woman had a fatter face and acne, completely unlike the woman in the photo”. 

You won’t blame this poor guy, he has not only been tricked, heartbroken but allowed to waste maybe his entire life savings.

Enough said ladies, be true to yourself and the guys. Let people accept you for who you are and not what they want you to be. Start uploading REAL pictures of yourself.

To the ladies that have the intention to meet up for real with that guy that have been tickling their fancy on one site of the other (dating sites, wechat, facebook, instagram, twitter or even 2go), here is one thing you should know:

If all of your pictures on social media do not show that “Ibadan” tribal mark that you have covered up with some make up/foundation powder, you may be in for some serious trouble.

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