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Bold and Breastless Cancer Survivor Shares Her Testimony

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Most women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, and chose to get a double mastectomy, usually get breast implants at the same time or soon after their surgery. But a few choose not to, and go on with their flat chests, either to wear padded bras or prosthetics.

However, this Facebook user, a mom of two and cancer survivor, calls herself Bold and Breastless, and often goes out in public, confident and thankful for her health and without self pity for her missing breasts. Read her testimony below..

This is a picture of me from 2013!! Breastless at the Beach!!  I want to share my amazing testimony with those of you that don't know what GOD has done for me, with hopes of inspiring you. So, I had a bilateral mastectomy on February 11, 2011. I decided not to have reconstructive surgery and I don’t wear breast forms.

Diagnosed at the age of 36, I am so blessed to be a survivor! I’m thankful that I’m confident and bold enough to show other women, that if they get a Mastectomy, its okay to have reconstructive surgery or wear prosthesis. However, it’s okay to be breastless too! Life is all that really matters!

Shortly after my handsome husband returned home from his second deployment, I was diagnosed with breast cancer December 23, 2010.

However, I have no complaints because GOD knew what he was doing, as well as the plans he has for me and my life! He allowed my husband to make it back home safely, so that he could be with me when I got the news and started on my journey! I had no lumps, no discomfort, no discharge, nothing to make me think I had breast cancer. It was like a still small voice that said I needed to get a mammogram. I wasn’t hearing strange voices and I didn’t see any shadows!

It was the Holy Spirit, that led me to get that mammogram. I’m so thankful I was able to get the mammogram the day after the Holy Spirit came to me. Surprisingly, almost two weeks later I was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts! In my right breast, I had stage 0. I also had two different types of cancer in my right breast, DCIS and LCIS.

In my left breast, I only had DCIS. But, I had an area that was a stage 0 and another area that was a stage 1A, that was near a blood vessel! I’m sooo thankful, GOD allowed me to survive breast cancer! I’m eager, to share my testimony with the world! Early detection is so important! I was scared, when I was told I had breast cancer!

But, I never questioned GOD, I was never depressed or angry and I never will be! I’m just so thankful, I passed the test, that allowed me to have this amazing testimony. I’m on a mission, to inspire people that have been affected by cancer. One thing is for sure, my breast cancer experience didn’t affect my self-esteem! Sometimes, I look at pictures of myself when I had breasts and jokingly I say to those twins, what did I do? You two tried to kill me and I took good care of both of you, for 36 years!

Well, I don’t even miss them and my husband is still happy and in love with me! I think maybe they’re somewhere in a lab, being studied! Perhaps, floating in a river! Either way, they’re gone and the cancer is gone! I’m so thankful, that I didn’t have to do chemotherapy or radiation.

Also, my margins are clear and so is my mind! Additionally, my onco type dx score was a 7. In the bible, 7 means completion! Therefore, I will thank GOD everyday, for healing my body and for allowing me to be completely healthy and completely cancer free! Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony. Please, share it!

She also has a message for us all. Almost got me crying;

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