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Bigamist Jailed After First Wife Finds Photos of Second Wedding on Facebook

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A bigamist has been jailed for 18 weeks after it turns out he married his second wife on the same beach in Mexico where he honeymooned after his first wedding. The first wife only found out about his second wedding when she went on Facebook.

Adrian Linham, 43, secretly dated Hayley Totterdell for three years while his loyal wife of seven years Liz, 37, thought their marriage was running smoothly. He spent a lot of time away from the couple's marital home near Bristol saying he was working in Bangor, north Wales for his job as a scuba diving instructor.

But Linham was actually splitting his time and living just 16 miles away with Hayley - who he then married in Riviera Maya, the same place he had honeymooned with his first wife.Hayley's family and friends were all blissfully unaware he was already married.

Liz knew nothing about the ceremony until she received a letter from her mother-in-law saying she was sorry to see they had divorced and Adrian had remarried.

Linham has two children from a previous partner and one with Liz, while Hayley has two children from a previous husband. The new wife Hayley is sticking by her husband.

Mother-of-one Liz said:

'I didn't think stuff like this happened in real life and I certainly didn't think it would ever happen to me. I genuinely didn't know what was going on. I never thought for a moment that he'd gone and married someone else.'It has completely altered the way I look at everyone. I look at people now, who I have known and trusted for years, and think 'can I really trust you'?.'

Liz and Adrian met at his brother's wedding in 2000 and became an item in July 2006 after he divorced his first wife. But throughout their relationship, Linham would stay at their marital home near Bristol less and less - sometimes coming home as little as once or twice a month.

In spite of this Liz thought their marriage was still going strong and she gave up work to look after their daughter, now aged four.

'He would tell me he loved me every day and he'd say how he couldn't be without me. I got a letter from his mum on 21 August 2014. It said that she was sorry to hear Adrian and I had gotten divorced and that she hoped I was dealing with it ok.'

She then went on to say that she had been on Facebook and seen Linham's wedding pictures to Hayley and hoped that his new marriage hadn't affected me too much.

'It was such a huge shock to me, I went on to Facebook and found the pictures pretty much straight away.'I didn't read the whole letter - I tore it up into tiny pieces and threw it away, I had just picked out certain parts of the letter. Those parts of the letter are still whirling around in my head, especially the bit about 'Mrs Hayley Linham' - she took his name. I called him to confront him but he yet again denied it - I just went into meltdown.

'He totally denied it and told me not to be so silly. But that was it - I haven't spoken to him since.It's just been like a total nightmare. I actually remember saying this is the kind of thing you'd read about in the newspapers and magazines.'

His family during his second wedding with new wife, Hayley and her family

She recalled how she waited at home all day one Christmas Day for Adrian to return home only for him to arrive late in the evening.

It later transpired he had spent the day with Hayley before telling her his mum had died in order to duck out and return to his wife. He then returned home to Hayley, describing his mother's funeral in full detail - despite the fact she is still alive.

In December 2013 Liz suffered a miscarriage at 7pm one evening but Adrian left her by 7am the next morning to go and see Hayley.

The love rat also tricked Liz into redecorating Hayley's second home in Swanage, Dorset - asking her to paint the bedroom, and her children's bedrooms, convincing her it was his boss' home. Liz said:

'I'd always known about Hayley but the way he'd speak of her was just "oh she's loaded, her and her husband have got more money than sense so I do as many jobs as possible at their house to rinse them.'

'He even took me to Hayley's second home in Swanage on two separate occasions, the first time I actually helped him set up for a party he was throwing for her and the second time I helped him redecorate. I painted her bedroom and both of her children's bedrooms as he told me it was his bosses house and we could stay there if we painted.'

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