Friday, February 13, 2015

Beckyonce - 'Single Loser : Put A Beck On It' Mash-up Surfaces - Listen

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A mashup of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and Beck's "Loser" has just surfaced online, and people are loving it! I'd never heard of Beck before the Grammys incident with Kanye last week, and I'm guessing I'm not alone. So maybe he needs to thank Kanye? Now, not only do I know who he is, with this mashup, I'm hearing his music in a new way that makes me wanna listen to more.

So about the mash-up, it is supposed to put a stop to the question that has been raging since Sunday. Who's better: Beyonce or Beck? A New Jersey producer, who calls himself "Beckyonce Knowles-Hansen", tells ABC he wants everyone to make peace with this mashup of both artists' arguably most famous songs. Find out who he prefers, what he thinks of Kanye, and listen to the music below..

Why did he produce the mash-up?

"This mashup was a reaction to how much time people were wasting discussing a vapid, manufactured 'controversy'. I was flummoxed by the negativity being spread through social networks and the mass media. We have far more important things to be discussing. I hoped I could, in some small way, shift the tone."

Who does he prefer - Beck or Beyonce?

"(Beck's) music was more influential to me as a teenager, especially the albums 'One Foot in the Grave', 'Mellow Gold', and 'Odelay'. But I have utmost respect for Beyonce. She's Beyonce. She's like the pop music industry's event horizon".

And Kanye?

"It's amazing that someone as huge as Kanye released what amounts to a noise record ('Yeezus'). He used Can's 'Sing Swan Song' as a basis for 'Drunk & Hot Girls', which was just a weird and awesome juxtaposition."

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