Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ayomide Defends Fiancee For Lewd T-shirt on Valentine's Day

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On Valentine's day, the lady in the picture above wore a T-shirt with the words, "I love f*cking you Ayomide Mi" inscribed on it, and photos of it went viral. Soon after, commentators came after the apparently crazy, free-spirited but love struck couple on social media, while some wanted to know who the Ayomide was to inspire such love.

RML shared his first photos here, and now Ayomide has come out to defend his fiancee, and according to him it was a printing error which they decided to go along with seeing that the 'tees' arrived late. Below is his statement:

Great people of Nigeria, I presume I need no further introduction when I say I am the Ayomide you all have been engrossed with knowing over the past couple of days. This is the statement you all have been waiting for...

On the 14th of February, my fiancee and I decided to go out as we usually do, albeit with the touch of something unique. A couple of days earlier we had sent out shirts to be branded with the words "I f*cking Love You" and our names written on it...and it came back on Valentine morning with a slight error which I believe you all have seen. Deciding against dropping our plans because of a misplaced word, we went to treat ourselves on that special day.

Taking pictures is a routine thing for us, so we paid 4 a studio photo session...unknown to us, we had a lover-less and jobless follower who needed to score cheap popularity and made it his unsolicited duty to take pictures of us during parts of our photoshoot, thereby ruining a perfect Feb 14.
@TytbonesCEO, now you have your popularity, can we get back to our lives before your unwarranted intrusion?

Nigerians, thank you for your time, tweets, posts, comments and all. However, I do think its about time you left us to our beautiful lives, and moved on with your individual lives... We're still coming back into the spotlight soon enough, and then you can have your fill of yours, but not before we are ready for it, and not for the wrong reasons...definitely not for a lousy printing error.


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  1. Matured statement.I especially like the fact that they were bold enough,or she was,to wear the t-shirt even with the printing error.Nigerians simply like drama and Twitter is where it always starts.


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