Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Would You Eat This Disgusting Baby Shower Cake?

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This is one of the most shockingly digusting things I'd ever seen, and I'm counting a deeply offensive black person cake served at an art gallery, and a virginity cake served at a bridal shower which I also found very disturbing.

When I first saw these pictures on Facebook I was stopped in my tracks and wondered what sick and evil mind came up with such an idea. Was it made by anti-abortionists as a protest art or what? And then to find out that a mom-to-be made the cake for her baby shower party, I shuddered.

I couldn't find the original person who shared the photos but supposedly, people are calling her out on her page for being so insensitive but she insists she was simply being creative.

As a creative myself, I can't help but disagree more strongly. If this baby cake represents your coming child, how can you stand people cutting and eating pieces of it?

I'm sorry, I just can't!

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