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Unconditional Love - Wife Says 3-Foot-Giant Husband Satisfies Her Sexually And More

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Mindie Kniss married husband Sean Stephenson in 2012 after they met through a mutual friend in 2009. Sean Stephenson is 2ft 8in tall, and couldn't care less. He is a motivational speaker who has shared the stage with Richard Branson and calls himself the 3-foot-Giant on social media.

Mindie is also a motivational speaker, and after their marriage, she moved to Chicago to be closer to Sean. Since then the profile of the couple has continued to rise and they have begun to get their fair share of online criticism.

Internet trolls have suggested that Sean could never satisfy Mindie sexually and that she is with him only for his money.

36-year-old Mindie, who is 4ft 11in, says looks are not everything as some of her normal-sized ex boyfriends had emotional issues that were harder to handle. She adds:

'Just because he's disabled doesn’t mean we don’t have an awesome sex life. It wasn’t love at first sight but Sean is one of the most sexual people I have ever met – it’s appalling to suggest that my husband cannot satisfy me sexually and it’s none of their business.'

Her husband is just as supportive.

'I’m the most sexual person I know. Sex is probably the biggest part of my life. It’s a joy to be married to this woman – not a day goes by when I don’t tell her I love her like 8,000 times.'

Sean was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or, as it is more commonly known, Brittle Bone Disorder. Aged 35, he is just 33.6in tall and has shorter than average legs due to his condition, which affects bone growth.

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