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Tears Flow at Burial for Joshua Adah - Missionary Killed By Fulani Herdsmen in Taraba [Photos]

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Pastor Joshua Adah has been buried today, barely a week after he was hacked to death in Taraba State on January 23rd by Fulani Herdsmen. The 36-year-old husband and father of two was loved by all who knew him and became well known after being featured on Naija Diamonds Season 2 which held in 2012, as one of the people making a difference in Nigeria.

For his brethren in Christ and the ministry, Joshua's death came as a rude they could not believe till pictures showed his burial. These faithful have dropped photos and words of tribute to the work that Joshua Adah did and how he touched their lives. See burial photos and read some of the tributes below. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Tributes left on Joshua Adah's Facebook page I'v not been able to write anything on ur wall since it happened... I'm greatly saddened and still in shock... I know you are with ur Redeemer.. that brings a sort of peace to my heart. At first I could not comprehend why a young fine,vibrant educated young man like urself cud choose to stay back in the backside of Taraba instead of coming back to Lagos. U have lived well. Ur life made impact. U were a servant in deed. I wish I had been in touch...I regret now not being in touch. May the Lord uphold ur family..He alone can comfort them. Rest on till we meet again in His bosom.

SHOCKING to hear this SAD news... But again I found solace knowing Rev Joshua Adah ran the race and fought the good cause of Faith, winning souls and touching lives.
Last time we spoke you promised to see me on next visit to Abuja, sadly so, it never happened again.
"But as many as receive Him, to them He gave power to become the sons of God, even to them that believed on His name" - John 1;12
Yes, am reassured that you are alive right at His feet with the Saints Praising and Singing HALLELUYAH!
Those you left behind will surely be inspired by the Zeal and Commitment you sow into Service of God's own greatest business. We shall continue to strive towards the mark so we can meet someday in yonder in Testimony of His Promises.
ADIEU, my brotherly!

Rev Joshua Adah,its really hard understanding your sudden departure from this sinful world. We all take solace in the fact that you truly knew Christ. Testimonies pouring out from all over the world on your accomplishments,great milestones especially since you became born again..I just wish you were around a little longer to do more. We would all miss you. Rest on bro.

A history of Joshua Adah's repentance and choice to work as a rural pastor by his brother Otto Paul Adah

He became the champion of heaven the moment he answered the call of the chosen few...He walked the path of the early apostles to exit like many of them...His life was a sacrifice, his death a divine deal...

It was a wrong move for the Devil, the day the Barbaric fulani herds men slaughtered Joshua Adah in a bid to silence the messenger, but unfortunately for them the message lives on, and Joshua will continue to encourage, challenge and win more souls even in death.

Joshua Okpanachi Adah hails from a little village called Ofugo, Kogi State. He grew up in a comfortable, warm hearted home. He had virtually all that he needed, all the love, attention, he could get. But he misconstrued the true value of life growing up. In his words I quote,
"my thought life became very perverted at some point because of my immediate soco-economic milieu, the influence of narcotics and peer pressure was so strong that I waxed strong in was during one of my evil schemes that I got a dramatic encounter with a man I had always heard about ( Jesus Christ) ....on the 26th of November, 2ooo on a Bed owned by one of my various girl friends, this time a Muslim...He walked in, and simply walked in, thank you Jesus "

From the start Joshua has always been a bone of contention; so much that Hell madly wants him and Heaven will not likewise ignore.
Having gone through the experiences of both sides of life, Joshua suddenly eschews worldliness and beckons on every youth to indulge the life of Christ. Joshua wrote,
"it is neither too timely or too late for God to salvage anyone and renew the person....if God could call me at the age of 25, He can also use a far much younger person too"
For more than a decade Joshua and Family (wife and children) worked as missionaries among the Koma people in jalingo of Tarawa state, in a village called murkuni...Though he had sparing idea about village life, Joshua was domesticated to Murkuni rural life...where he extended a charity hand of medication, clothing, food, education, opening schools and establishing an embassy of God's kingdom through his missions "the way makers"...paving a way for the heathen to see the light in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He stood out a General who never forgot the Christed Soldier's creed of standing for the truth and divine light of his conscience, Joshua ones stated,
"An absolute commitment calls for the extreme and only the committed hearts answer this call..."

On the this day, Jan 29th 2015 Joshua Okpanachi Adah's body is laid to rest on his mission field as he has always affirmed, "it's the life we'v's what we've signed up missionaries when we die in the field, they burry us in the field..."

Joshua Adah died for the gospel ...yes! But his death is not a challenge that we must all face the martyrs dearth...His death challenges us to at least boldly live for it...unashamedly stand for it...because some others are dying for it every day!

Good morning Sir! Now you can open your eyes for the first time to see life in it's full are SIR, YES 

HOME my brother!SIR!!!!!!

Photos from Joshua Adah's Ministry

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  1. Oyebanji AdeyemiMarch 09, 2015 11:42 AM

    Lord! I was shaken down to my soul when i heard about Pastor Joshua Adah's death... i served in Taraba state and i have sat under his ministrations several times... He was my role model, someone who served the Lord with all his heart! When he speaks your heart melts! Because of his words of encouragement many corpers stayed behind in Taraba to serve! He always use himself as an example that God called him to serve in Taraba and he did and when service was over God still told him to stay behind and serve Him which he did. I know angels would have carried his soul home to the Father and to his savior. I pray my own end will also meet me in the Lord! I pray for his family especially the wife and his two daughters may God comfort them and keep them for Himself!


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