Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stella Damasus Asks Women Married To Cheating Men - Will You Give Him Condoms?

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Most of us have heard this anecdote before, and it has probably been inserted in a few Nollywood movies. Actress Stella Damasus brought it up again on on her Instagram page

‘A faithful Christian wife who knows that her husband is very unfaithful, decides to put a pack of condoms in her husband’s suitcase. She claims that it was to protect her health. The woman also says that she was raised never to leave her marriage no matter what and so since he will not stop cheating, she has to find a way to deal with it, as she has tried everything else. As a woman would you do that? And as a man, would you advice that?’ 

What is your own response? Read some of the answers below..

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