Friday, January 23, 2015

Sammie Okposo Apologizes For Saying Buhari Should Be Flogged Over Certificate Controversy

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Yesterday, award winning gospel singer, Sammie Okposo reposted a negative report about Buhari's recently released statement of result on his Instagram page. Okposo slammed the 72 year old APC presidential candidate Gen. Buhari saying he had forged the certificate and needs to be flogged. At first he said those not happy with his remarks "to go and hug transformer".

Someone he respects must have spoken to him, or he slept over it and calmed down. He posted the above statement in apology. See what he wrote yesterday below...

From perjury to forgery: Buhari or whoever forged that certificate needs to be flogged. Prior to the formation of a central govt by Gowon, all regions had separate curriculums. Only the western region offered a local language in both their curriculum and WASC! It was after a central govt was formed and a universal educational curriculum was developed and adopted which included other local languages in 1974! So which WASC did Buhari write in 1961 that included Hausa? Scroll to page 9 of this academic write up and see a brief summary of the total subjects entered from 1961 to 1974 and the percentile of students per subject.

The Apology and tweets;

I reposted an uncomplementary and unconfirmed report about GMB which said he should be flogged for being involved in perjury and forgery. I deeply apologise to GMB. He is old enough to be my father and my repost was very disrespectful.
Secondly for joining in an unconfirmed rumour about him that I personally can not prove
again I apologise.
I did not generate the report but I should not have reposted it for this, I'm deeply sorry.
My support for GEJ does not give me the right to judge and speak ill of GMB and any other candidate. My business is only to peacefully exercise my support and vote for the candidate of my choice. It is an election, not a war.
To all who were offended as a result of my repost I apologise. Let's pray for our country Nigeria that God will help us have a violent free election. Godbless Nigeria. Peace will reign in Nigeria

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