Thursday, January 22, 2015

President Goodluck Jonathan Has A PhD Certificate But No Thesis?

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APC presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari may have presented his WASC photostat and statement of result but some PDP champions are not satisfied. Some say the want the original certificate, while others point to the name disparity. Others say Buhari perjured himself by saying his credentials were with the army.

Now, APC supporters are shifting the qualification issue to president Goodluck Jonathan though his certificate has been notarized by INEC. Some of them have taken to twitter, asking that GEJ also present his doctorate thesis, this is after former President Obasanjo allegedly referred to the inconclusive nature of the PhD. Below is what Obasanjo said, and some of the tweets:

The truth of the matter is that Jonathan is aware that Buhari is qualified to contest for President Election but some hawks with Jonathan, do not want him to contest because they believe that he will win and come for them. The issue came up in 2007, and we investigated and found out that his WASEC is with the military and that was why he was allowed to contest in 2007.

...Even Jonathan did not finish his PhD course but when it was presented we stated that, it does not matter but many people do not know because it was PDP thing. I see Buhari as the next President and Jonathan is aware of that, and that is the reason they are hitting him everywhere to put confusion in his camp.

The tweets;

@gbengasesan: Now, can we move on to the REAL issues? Wait, before we move on, can we ask Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, PhD, to provide a copy of his thesis?

@okere_franklin: Where is Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s Doctorate Thesis?

Adekunle Dalton-Oke : At this point, the APC needs to ask for Jonathan’s doctorate thesis

@princeazeez13: Does anyone knows a way I could Access The Ph.d Research Thesis of “Dr. Goodluck Jonathan” Because Google is not responding

‏@jlloyd1212 : Why Do APC Would Always Allow Itself Boxed To Corner By PDP. APC Should Have Asked Jonathan To Display His Thesis Before Buhari’s Result

@r9matazu: Buhari’s result is now a public document.

@renoomokri @PdpNigeria Where is Jonathan thesis?

@homoakeen: Jonathan should pls produce evidence of his thesis. The animals he worked on must still be alive

@YMRigasa: We have just passed this bridge now. The next is Jonathan’s thesis if it exists. Show it for us o ye

@9jaobserver: Operation Show your Credentials: We want to see Jonathan’s thesis o

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