Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nigeria Has One of the LEAST Powerful Passports - Infographic

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We've talked about how with a Nigerian passport can get you into 44 countries without a visa, see the countries here. But did you know that a passport from the United States allows its citizens free access to 172 other countries? Or that with the British passport, the doors to 173 countries are opened to you without stress?

According to a new Infographic however, Nigeria is not the worst off, and our green passport is still better than several others. People of Iraq, for example, can access only 31 countries with their passports, and those from Afghanistan can only travel freely to 28 countries.

In this infographic map from GOOD magazine, countries are color-coded based on the "power" of their passports. The darker in color, the more freedom that country's residents have to travel. Lighter orange colors mean residents can visit fewer countries with their passports.

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