Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Munachi Abii Pregnant For Younger Boyfriend?

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Twitter user who goes by the handle Opara Cyn or Nigerian Beauties have been tagging Nigerian gossip bloggers with the news that former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Abi is pregnant. She tweeted the picture above and said. "Muna is pregnant lol. the father is the BOY in the green Tomi."

In some of the tweets, she insists that she is sure of what she's saying and that readers can take it to the bank. But how reliable is this witness? Not so much if you ask me. The Twitter handle is less than 3 months old and seems like it was set up specifically for this hatchet job on the former beauty queen. Could be it be an old competitor or a new love rival, who know?

Within a few weeks of being set up, she was already spewing bile with these digs about Munachi's figure and with an allusion that she was pregnant;

When she found an admirer saying nice things about Munachi, she flared up

Then she goes into this long rant again about Munachi and who she might be dating;

Some people are already coming to Munachi's defence;

However, there may be no need to. It is highly doubtful that Munachi Abii is pregnant. She herself shared the picture in question which includes her brothers and the Tomi guy in question. They were together for Christmas. But even if she's dating and pregnant for a younger man, so what?

Her picture for the New Year is quotable here, "may you bloom and glow where ever u go! Happy new year y'all"

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