Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mom Concerned About Satanic Pentagram in School Bus Brake Lights

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A mom in Durham says she has been shocked after finding out that brake lights on the school bus show a pentagram which is a satanic symbol. She was so outraged that she took a picture of the brake lights of the bus as it made a stop in Cordova. Said the concerned mom;

“Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged.”

According to FOX, the original news source is not sharing her name because she’s getting death threats for her views.

The parent says it’s appalling the brake lights are shaped like a pentagram. A pentagram is an upside down, five-pointed star. Merriam-Webster dictionary says the pentagram is often used as a magic or religious symbol.

“If you can’t put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it.” said the concerned mom.

She points out just last month, Walgreen’s pulled wrapping paper from its shelves because the images appeared to be swastikas. “Would we allow a swastika, for instance, to be on the back of the bus?” said the concerned mother.

A lot of people are wondering if she is making a whole lot of something out of nothing.

“Go find out if it was intentional.” said Practicing Wiccan Jo Applewhite.

Either way, the parent says the lights send the wrong signal, and she wants them changed. The school district did not answer questions about the bus brake lights.

Seriously, I think this particular parent is being too literal! Those could be twinkling stars for all anyone can see. Surely there are more important things for the school system to worry about? Your thoughts..

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  1. These people have way too much time on their hands.


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