Monday, January 26, 2015

Man Falls in Love with Woman on Train - Goes On Twitter To Look For Her

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Angus Mainland fell in love with a woman he met on a train, and the two reportedly had an amazing conversation, and he took the selfie above. He even gave her his scarf to wear, according to Bleacher Report.

Angus Mainland met his love while he was traveling from Bournemouth to Southampton for the Crystal Palace’s FA Cup clash with Southampton, and somehow in the excitement, Angus forgot to ask for her number. He subsequently went online to ask for help finding her with the Twitter post below.

Well, his post has gone viral and both online and paper publications including Daily Telegraph below have published his story. I won't be surprised that he will soon find the woman, kinda like the guy looking for a lady with the same name as his ex for a trip round the world, read here. In that case, the new girl already had a boyfriend, so the trip was strictly platonic.

In this new search, I wish the guy all the luck he needs, and this time hopefully, we'll have a romantic happy ever after! LOL...

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