Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Knockoff Nightmares - Angry Brides Reveal Ugly Copies of Designer Wedding Dresses

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When I was looking for a wedding gown, some friends suggested ordering a designer brand from eBay, so it could be made more cheaply in China. I declined, and we went to stores till I found one I liked and which I could afford.

But I've had friends over the years who took that option. Some were lucky and got good look-alikes of their favorite designer gowns, others regretted that decision when their terrible knockoffs arrived.

But usually they had no one to blame but themselves, and when the wedding date is just round the corner, you and you alone have to come up with the alternative, unless your fiance and family are ready to postpone the wedding while you badger it out with your chinese supplier. Most would be brides suck it up and move on!

Now some angry brides have decided not to hide their heads in shame any more, and have shared their horror stories along with photos on social media. It is really funny how these really lovely online pictures of wedding dresses can turn so hideous when they are remade by uninspired tailors somewhere.

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