Friday, January 30, 2015

Kendra Sunderland Arrested After Video Shot In School Library Goes Viral

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The Kendra Sunderland video allegedly shows her almost nude and performing x-rated acts in the library at Oregon State University. Following the online storm caused by the video, 19 year old Kendra Sunderland has been arrested and charged with public indecency for allegedly baring her breasts in a university library and posting it online in a p0rn video. The teenager could be jailed for up to a year and fined if found guilty.

This is not the first time amateur actresses are filming their videos in public places. Last year in Austria, a woman was charged after people identified her from a similar video filmed in a church. See here.

The New York Daily News reports that Kendra Sunderland, who is reportedly a former student at the Oregon State University, was charged by Oregon State Police on Tuesday.

School spokesman Steve Clark told the Daily News that she had been enrolled in a human development and family science programme, adding that the video was shot and uploaded late last year.

In the Kendra Sunderland video, according to the Mirror UK, she "can be seen baring her breasts and fondling herself as students stroll past in the background."

So far, the video, which has a watermark for the logo for ReptCams, a live sex chat site, has been shared more than 250,000 times.


  1. This seems to be pretty popular the last couple of months. Webcam babes doing the 'naughty' in public buildings like burger king, KFC, walmart, etc. I've seen many girls like this on pornhub, ThePornDude , eporner,... before and actually thought it was fake.

    Apparently this 19yo (ex)student did it, so she could pay her school debt and Kendra is most likely the first girl to go to jail for it and get a big $6000 fine. (or got viral)

    Can she do that? Why not, but it would have been more appropriate, if she did this in her own room or a private place. She knew the risk, she gambled and got caught. She was just blinded by the dollars this was making her.

    She can say bye bye to uni career and focus on her pornstar job full time now.

    Fantastic boobs on that girl though :D

  2. Can anyone give me a link to a streaming tube video of this girl?


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