Thursday, January 15, 2015

#IAmNigeria #NaijaNiMi - Madonna, Boris Kodjoe, Angelina Jolie Condemn Boko Haram Attacks

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Madonna has lent her social media klout to speak out againt the Boko Haram attacks in Baga, Bui and some other villages and towns in Northern Nigeria. From 2009 till date, over 10,000 people have reportedly died and several hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes.

International celebrities including Boris Kodjoe, Angelina Jolie, Nicki Minaj, Solange Knowles, Meek Mill, and have begun to comment on the killings after the outpouring of international support to France after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. They and many more point out that the same sympathy and solidarity is not being shown for the Boko Haram killings in Nigeria.

Boris Kodjoe was the first to call out this disparity on the day of the million-man march in Paris.

Angelina Jolie condemned the activities of Boko Haram in a statement released Jan. 13th, in which she called on the United States government and the rest of the international community to work together so as to "bring the perpetrators of these attacks to justice". She said;

"Each new crime committed by Boko Haram exceeds the last in brutality. This is a direct consequence of the environment of total impunity in which Boko Haram operates. Every time they get away with mass murder, rape and the enslavement of women and children, they are emboldened."

Meek Mill shared a series of tweets on the subject yesterday;

Today, Madonna posted the top picture on her Instagram page with the caption;

‘The people of Nigeria matter too! I am not just Charlie #iamnigeria ❤️#rebelheart’

"Why aren’t we talking about Nigeria? Boko Haram has killed 2000 people in an attack in Northern Nigeria! Barbaric and heartbreaking! We must stop the violence and support Nigerian people! #iamnigeria#revolutionoflove’

Khloe Kardashian also posted the picture below asking;

“Can you imagine the fear that makes you let go of your child’s hand?” My prayers are with you Nigeria!!!!!!! #IAmNigeria #PrayForAll #AllLivesMatter religion is NOT the focus here. The fact is any life taken is devastating and unacceptable.

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