Friday, January 9, 2015

Good Communication Can Save Your Relationship

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By Blessing Hammed

Good communication is very important in marriage. Some wives complain that their husband spend very little time conversing with them. That is sad. True, due to busy times and economic situation husbands work long hours outside the home and this may result in less time spent communicating with their spouse.

But a married couple should reserve time for each other. Otherwise, they may become independent of each other. It could lead to serious problem if they are compelled to seek sympathetic companionship outside the marriage.

In communicating with each other,couples should know that the tone of voice and choice of words are very important. Good communication flourishes when there are gently spoken words,gracious looks and gestures, kindness, understanding and tenderness.

Husband and wife should feel free to make their needs known to each other,especially in times of disappointment or stress,they should be source of comfort and help to each other.

Couples should be careful not to belittle or condemn a mate who pours out heartfelt feelings, instead it should be an opportunity to gain insight into your mate's viewpoint.

Good communication is also important in couple's sexual relationship. Selfishness and a lack of self control can seriously damage this most intimate  relationship in communication along with patience it's essential.

True every marriage will have its ups and downs but when couples have a good communication based on love and respect, they can be confident that their marriage will be lasting and happy.

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